Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long is situated at the east of the popular destination Halong Bay in North Eastern Vietnam and is quiet near to the border shared with China. Holiday Bai Tu Long bay is an off beaten, beautiful tourist track which is quite far from Cat Ba Island having lodging, nearby caves and beaches of Halong Bay. Though Bai Tu Long bay has seen very less tourist development but it is a place which has blessed with nature’s gifts. Bai Tu Long is filled with rich and flourishing biodiversity and two types of ecosystems exist here, one is tropical and moist evergreen forests and another is coastal and marine ecosystem.

The Bai Tu Long is a region which has abundance of geological splendor. It seems so beautiful with its archipelago formed with 1600 islands forming shapes.

The whole vision is surreal with the various shaped limestone karsts scattered across the emerald waters along the coasts of inhabited smaller islands. It is amongst the picturesque places of Vietnam.

There is a legend about Bai Tu Long Bay, it is said that invaders came to attack Vietnam soon after it was discovered. Then God sent a family of dragons to help the country. The dragons descended deep into waters spitting gems and creating obstruction for the boats of the invaders with over thousands of islands and islets. This is the tale which tells us how the rocky islands were formed.

Kayaking soft holiday adventure in Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the best ways to look closely at the picturesque beauty of this place, like having a close glimpse of the limestone outcrops and the delightful floating fish village consisting of families who earn their living through fishing and pearl farming. The way they live simply with a hammock swinging in front of the house and a dog sitting on the porch would make anybody jealous with the contentment and tranquility these people have.

Quan Lan Island present in the Bai Tu Long has stunning beaches, sand dunes, scenic hills and tiny villages surrounding the island. One can enjoy a quiet early morning stroll around the picturesque village of Quan Lan or can enjoy a bicycle ride across the island and enjoy the beautiful scene of the day unfolding.

To have maximum exposure to picturesque beauty when on holiday Bai Tu Long bay, Vietnam the best way is by boating. There are very beautiful spots for paddling your kayaks which you may find among the beautiful rock formations. You can even swim and explore the area while spiraling your way through rock formations and enjoy the sublime beauty of the bay.

You can enjoy the breathtaking limestone scenery of the island and get a close view of fishing village life and their activities early morning on the island.

Bai Tu Long National park is also a place of extraordinary natural beauty. There are spectacular views of sinking limestone plateau. This place is every bit as beautiful as its adjacent places. In some ways it is actually even more stunning than its neighbor. The way its beauty is still less explored and unpolluted due to its hard-to-reach locations and fewer accessible cave formations. It is still undeveloped and is in its initial stage as destination for travelers, but this is what is attractive about it.

The bay and its islands are improving gradually as there is improved boat transport which is making it popular with domestic tourists. It is definitely the perfect choice for those who prefer to visit the laid-back places far from the touristy bustle where one can experience divine peace and calm.

Now there are charter boats also which one can find while on Bai Tu Long holidays, these boats are available at standard prices and they are one of the ways to discover awesome views and experience. These boats can be used to visit outlying islands and travel overland.

To talk about the climate of Bai Tu Long Bay, here it gets pretty cold from December to February, and there are occasional typhoons during August to October so it is definitely not the time to come here.

With extra time for kayaking and swimming through the awesome rock formations and to spiral across their fanciful shapes and surrounding waters of the larger islands, you can surely enjoy your holidays to Bai Tu Long.

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