Hoian is one of the most famous tourist destination in Vietnam. It is a world heritage site. Small cafes, restaurants and shopping markets make the town more attractive to the visitors. The local people create a charming environment at the place that fascinates everyone.

Hoi An town was developed in the 17th century and is situated at the distance of 30 km from Da Nang. The small and peaceful town is a perfect place to spend the holidays in Vietnam. The atmosphere of the town astonishes most of the visitors. The pottery and handmade custom dresses of Hoi An is not only graceful but also in demand The visitors should see the beauty of this beautiful town while going for a visit in Vietnam.

The houses of the town are trivial and colourful. The wooden houses with wooden doors, ornamental furniture and window shutters give a different appearance to the town. There are many beautiful sites for the visitors to see which are approximately 200 years old. The sites like wells and tombs, community halls, temples, family chapels, pagodas and bridges are the best places to visit in Hoi An. A visit to Hoi An gives a pleasant sensation to the visitors.

Along the river, visitors can visit the market place of the town. The market of Hoi An is full of shops. Visitors are always being allured into the market to buy quality garments and the silk. Tourists can buy other things in the market like hats, trousers, shirts and various artworks like family portraits, stylish images of the streets and houses of Hoi An. Relic statues, ceramic plates and antique bowls always remain in demand of most of the tourists. The clothes designed in traditional Vietnamese style with some modern touch look great and most of the visitors buy them. The market also have restaurants where visitors can enjoy the taste of the best dishes of Vietnam. The visitors can also relax by hiring a boat on the river.

Cham Island of Hoi An city is visited by the most of visitors. It is a group of 8 islands and comes under the UNESCO biosphere reserve. From Cua Dai, the island is at the distance of 20 km by boat ride. The island is the best for snorkelling, diving and overnight camping. Speed boat tours give a different experience to the tourists. There is also snorkelling and the diving team which helps the tourists when required. There are several guesthouses which are also available on the island for the visitors. The rooms are gusty and big. The visitors can have a chance to experience the island life. Visitors can also enjoy other activities like fishing, playing football, cooking etc. The view of sunset at the island gives the best moment of the day to everyone.

The streets of Hoi An city remain full with the cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Most of the people use their horns in every two seconds. There is less noise in the city; silence is a noticeable thing of the city. All the visitors can a feel of sense of relaxation while visiting Hoi An, Vietnam.

Quang Trieu assembly hall is very attractive. There are four stone pillars and three entrance gate at the front of the hall. The gate is decorated with the images of lions, flowers, dragons and lemon. The gate is also roofed with the green tiles. The Quang Trieu assemble hall is embossed on the upper part of the three entrance gate. The design of the stone pillars which give support to the roof is very beautiful. There is an amazing dragon-shaped fountain in the assembly hall. The creation of the beautiful dragon is made by the pottery. The assembly hall also consists of many statues which are spread out in the hall. Some statues also reflect the musical plays of the Cantonese philosophy. There are also many ancient leftovers which are kept preserved like a pair of a big bronze censer, lacquered and many other remarkable pamphlets on the Chinese community existing in Hoi An.

Hoian, a world heritage site has many historical places for the visitors. The scenery of the place is also very attractive. Every visitor enjoys a lot during the holiday tour to Hoi An Vietnam.

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