Mekong Delta

Experience the aspect of simplicity and purity of Vietnam in the heart of Mekong Delta .Come with Tours Vietnam to glance at the struggle of Vietnamese against the Mighty Nine Dragon River. Hear the story of those who tamed this wild river known as Mekong.

Mekong delta is a region lying in the south west of Vietnam, a place where Mekong river avenue and merges into the sea through the network of its nine distributaries. Thus it gets the name of Nine Dragon river.

Lying in the west of South China Sea and dominated with flat flood plains to its south and few mountains in the North-West. This delta region had been tenanted long before the beginning of the prehistoric ages. This area used to be famous for the hustle and bustle of its trading ports and canals in the Funan region which marks its existence in the earliest centuries.

Once a part of Khmer region of Cambodia known as Khmer Krom; in 1698 it was visited by a Vietnamese noble named Nguyen Huu Canh through sea on the order of Nguyen Lords of Hue to establish Vietnamese administrative structure in this area. This deed completely severed the Mekong Delta from Cambodia and placed the region under the control of the Vietnamese administration. In 1860, the area come under France and after facing several wars, Vietnam got independence and emerged as a part of the republic of Vietnam.

With an area of nearly 15000sq mi, The Mekong Delta, Vietnam has been dubbed the biological treasure trove with over 10,000 new species discovered in some of the previously uncharted areas.

With a tragic history of Mekong Delta involving subjection in many wars, traveling to Mekong Delta, Vietnam you will be delighted with the warm welcome of people inhabiting the place.

Enjoy the side of the life that you have only read in books. These villages preserve an ethnic beauty of a culture that is very old. There are sites that will make your heart to stay here forever. A visit to Mekong Delta is surely going to move your heart towards a life that is calm, peaceful filled with respect and harmony with nature.

Cherishing the moments with the everyday scene of kids smiling and sitting on the back of a water buffalo and riding their ways on country lanes. Conical hated farmers working hard in their rice field, the unique song of a heard man grazing his cattle in the fields: all this will melt your heart. Storks running round the sanctuary cracking the silence of dusk that starts to shroud the land situated in waters. The sight of righteous Khmer monks in their rhythm walking in the shadows of pagodas will surely to calm your mind. Locals scuttling over the monkey bridges that binds the land sparred by mighty river. The sight of fish monger trying to sell their fishes will give you the gleam of an age old trading in village, and a melody coming from the women roving boats telling the importance of rivers for transportation yet regretting the segregation it cause from their loved once are the thing a traveler can’t forget.

Enjoy the rides on bikes along the unlimited rice fields, trekking the area through a swampy bog, with a taste of freshness that will revitalize your life. These are the things that anyone would like to cling to forever.

Coconut have never tasted so rich before; adore the taste of coconuts candies and see what else they can do with those trees. Amazingly exotic fruits to taste that grow in the region of Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Relax in the calm nature gliding through the forest of mangroves for roving your ways through waterways with the song of Ho Mai Nghi (a song sung by women boat handlers throughout the region) leaving all the worries of rest of the world. holiday Mekong Delta, defines the beauty of boat riding,

There is sweet scent of honey everywhere. You can taste the local honey and visit the locals who will tell about the bee keeping in Mekong Delta.

Enjoy the local life and local trends and get a peek of the harmony between humans and animals living together and treated equals.

Enjoy your stay at Can Tho which is the biggest settlement of Mekong Delta for the convenience of some decent place to stay and enjoy local cuisines. Have a look around the floating shopping market and get ready to explore the swampland around.

If you are planning for a Vietnam holiday just don’t miss out the chance to see the beauty of simple life and a land that is preserving an ethnic culture that lasts from around thousands of years.

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