Ha Long Bay

Holiday Halong Bay is a famous tourist place of Vietnam. Craggy limestone peaks, caves, tropical forests, waterfalls and many historic sites of Halong Bay are the famous destinations for the visitors. The unique scenery of the Halong Bay touches the heart of tourists and gives the view of many unforgettable memories of the tour.

Natural sights and mythical attractions make Halong Bay famous for the tourism. Halong Bay is one of the beautiful tourist’s destinations of Vietnam. The beauty of Rocky limestone cliffs of Halong Bay attracts large number of tourists towards it.

Halong Bay is blessed with thousands of islands and islets of different shapes and sizes. The caves and stone islands of Halong Bay make this place a heaven on the earth. These caves and islands comprise of many attractive things like Dragon, Human Head, La vong, Trongmai islands etc. The islands consists of many hidden caves with legends like Dau Go Cave, Thein Cung cave, Sung Sot cave, Tam Cung cave etc. These caves are royal and splendid.

Holang Bay is a source of attraction while visiting to the Vietnam. It is a world heritage site which covers the area of 1553km2. Halong Bay gained the world heritage status in 1994. Halong Bay consists of 1969 islands and islets in which around 989 islands have names whereas 980 islands and islets still not have their name.

The experience of tasty seafoods, wild beaches, wild islands and fishing villages of Halong Bay is cherished by everyone. These are the things of attraction in Holiday Halong Bay for most of the tourists.

There are also inland lakes in Dau Be Island. This is the place of attraction for the divers and the swimmers. With its rich coral and deep grottoes, the place is popular for swimming and diving spots. If the access is possible, then the grottoes and caves can only be visited by rowing boat at low tide.

Visitors can also enjoy the charismatic view of sunset and sunrise while relaxing on the voyage through wonderful landscapes. The peaceful moonlight is able to give the wonderful moment to everyone. Halong Bay is an ideal place on the earth for everyone to enjoy cruise trip, kayak and swimming, family vacations and for honeymoon. The place is perfect to give a value to your visiting during holidays in Vietnam.

Climate of Halong Bay is pleasant and give the best enjoy of the tour. Warm spring and cool autumn are the best seasons for the visit in Halong Bay. January and March is often cool and misty. Everyone can fully enjoy their trip to Halong Bay during these seasons. Halong Bay is not thsat much affected by the storms as it is located in the deep gulf of Tonkin as compared to rest of the Vietnam.

QuanLan Island and Bai Tu Long Bay in the east give the view of the Chinese border. Cat Ba, a grassy island located in the south of Halong Bay, is famous for its biking, hiking, word-class rock climbing and sailing. These islands are the the destinations for innovative travellers.

The unique scenery of Halong Bay consists of many proofs of the resident of old viet people. The place also shows the foundation and development of the earth which give the sight of untouched scenery in the journey.

Pelican cave is a popular cave of Halong Bay and consists of attractive things, and many visitors love to take photos of the cave and its spectacular pillars hanging from the ceiling. Everyone can see and take the photos of this beautiful cave during holiday Holang Bay, Vietnam.

Holiday Halong Bay Vietnam is one of the most interesting trips of everyone’s life. There are many interesting place and activities in Halong Bay which are able to offer full relish of the trip.

Holiday Holang Bay Vietnam attracts visitors year-round. It is one of the famous places of tourist’s attraction in the northeast of the Vietnam. It is a wonderful holiday’s destination for the families and adventure loving people. Everyone will surely enjoy their trip in Halong Bay and should come here once in the life.

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