Sapa town is located at the height of 1,600m of sea level 350km from Hanoi and north –west of Vietnam. It is close to the border with China which is the most famous thing about it.

Diversity in the culture and ethnic minority people makes the place optimistic. Sapa was first inhabited by minorities of H’mong andyao groups and after that Tay, Zay and Xa pho. Only a small number of people live in the Sapa town; most of the people live in small villages and hamlets scattering in valleys.

Romantic and cool climate of Sapa town is suitable for the tourists. That’s why they can visit it all year round. The climate is also not so much warm during the summer days. In winter season, climate always remain gloomy and icy. May and august seasons are full of rain.The climate allows the visitors to adore the nature and lessen here.

Western theme of Sapa town and make Sapa town as a western town. Up and down shapes of the hills with different types of the houses makes the town more attractive.

Visit to Sapa town presents the tourists to view the beautiful Hoang Lien Son range with green colour all year round.

Fan Si Pan Mountain whose height is 3,143m offer the chance of various adventures to those who love mountains and nature. Visitors can go and explore the enchanting forests too. The diversity in flora and fauna makes the atmosphere of Sapa more fascinating and graceful.

Silver waterfall is the most famous tourist place of Sapa. It is at a distance of about 12km from the centre of the town. The view of the waterfall is very appealing, the water flows down from the height of hundreds meters.The water also looks like the flowers when it flows down. The sound of flowing water can be heard from a long distance.

The old church of Sapa was built in 1895 and reflects the old architecture of French remains. The atmosphere of the church is very calm and gives a serene calm to the visitors. Tourists can come and enjoy the prayers and carols with the priests.

What attract visitors to come Sapa is tribe group’s villages with spectacular landscapes and rice terrace fields. There are some famous villages which surround Sapa like Shin Chai, Ban Ho, Ta Phin, Ta Van etc. where visitors can trek and see the different cultures of Sapa.

Ta Van village give the chance to interact with the people of local tribe in your tour to villages of Sapa because it is a famous home stay village in Sapa. The village is comprised of the people of different cultures.

Ham Rong Mountain is one of most attractive sites; this site is full of fruits and flowers all year round. This is the best place to visit with family members and experience the colours and beauty of the nature.

Local market of the Sapa is another place of the tourist’s attraction. Some of the market maintains their originality which is the most attractive thing about the market. Visitors can also see minority groups of Hmong and Dao Zay to exchange things with each other.

Cat Cat is a famous village of Sapa Town. Visitors have to walk through the fields of rice if they want to see the waterfall. The visitors can learn more about the village from the people.

Sapa is comprised of different cultural people. The ethnic groups of people are different in their customs, lifestyle, dressing sense and methods of cultivation. The people also have different festivals such as Sai San, RoongPoc, Tet jump etc. which is held in the month of May. Sapa has the population of around 36,000 people which are related to the minority groups.

Sapa is a beautiful destination for the holidays to Vietnam. It is a modest land but hides many wonders of the natural scenes. The human creativity, mountains and green forests makes it a romantic spot for the visitors. It is a wonderful place for the tourists.

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